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"Like any good, custom tattoo that I work on, I want perfection. The same goes for my website which I've been working on and it will be live in a few days. Yay!

If you want to book a consultation or have any questions for me, send an email to


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Do you like Good Tattoos?

Well you're in luck. Alie K. specializes in taking your idea and helping you realise its full, awesome potential.

Colour Tattoos? Rad.

Black and Grey? Perfect.

Just a small tattoo or a full leg sleeve? No problem.

Tattoo of a cat flying through space in a tuna can? Hell yeah.

So contact Alie today (unless you're a robot) for a consultation using the contact form to get started! Consultations are strictly by appointment only.

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Please send an email to info@goodtattoos.ca and Alie will respond as soon as she is able to!

Please keep in mind that Alie recieves many emails a day and it may take some time for her to respond to yours!

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